How to......?

To start with this is a (very) basic list on how to get started - I will add to this as and when I need to but for basic bloggers this should be enough for what you need.
How to:-

Post a post!

Ensure you a signed into the blog and click on the "New Post" icon on the tool bar in the top right hand corner OR click on "Design" and then click on "New Post" which you will find to the top left.

You will get a title and a white page.  Add a title eg, Tilda Birthday Card and then pop the cursor into the box to add your piccie and any info you wish to write about your creation.

Add a piccie!

Whilst in the white box click on the photo icon that you see between the "link" and "clapperboard " icon.  This prompts you to upload a piccie from your computer.

Add a link to your post!

This can be to link products used or to the challenge you are entering - lots of challenges require that you do link up to the challenge!

Eg I would like to enter this into the following challenge(s):-

ALBC - Celebrate

What you need to do is highlight the word you wish to link as above.  Ensure you have already copied the URL of the challenge ie.
Whilst highlighted, click on the "Link" icon above and paste the info into the space provided where it  asks you where you want the link to go.

You could even link as I mentioned before to show what products you have used etc.

Eg - I have used this Wild Rose Studio stamp called "First Christmas" which you can find here.

I usually highlight the "here" and then paste the already copied URL ie onto the "Link" option as before.

How to enter a challenge!

Once you have written and posted your blog post you will need to copy the blog post URL which is the unique code relating that specific blog post.  This can confuse a LOT of people so I will try and explain that as easily as I can.

My own blog URL is 

If you click on the link you will be taken to my blog BUT if I want to specify an actual blog post then I need to copy and paste the URL to that blog post eg.  

If you click on the above link you will notice that it is almost the same as the previous URL but with the addition of a bit of extra info tagged on at the end.

You will find the info you need to copy and paste in the address bar at the top of your screen just in case you're wondering where to find it!

There are various Linky Tools used in entering challenges - some of them require the URL and your name and some that use a thumbnail image will take you to a screen where you will crop a mini piccie of your card but it's fairly self explanatory!

Schedule a post for a specific time!

Once your post is complete, click on the "schedule" icon to the right (under the labels icon) and press on "set time and date".  You can then specify when you would like it to post - if not just specify automatic and it will post straight away!

Blogging Tips

When you do a blog post you can add a label - click on the "Labels" icon to the right and add your name to this box.  This will help you find your own posts easily.

Along the top of this box you have:-

Undo - Redo - Font - Size of font - Format - Bold - Italic - Underline - Strikeout - Font colour - Highlight - Link - Photo - Video - Insert page jump - Alighment - Numbered list - Bullet list - Quote - Remove formatting - Check spelling 

If you feel there is other info you need then please add a comment to this post and I will try and add it ASAP for you!

Paula. x

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